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Is Halloween an Evil Holiday?

Good answer.

Nope! The word itself means “All Hallows’ Eve” (“hallow” is an old-fashioned word for holy) because it’s the night before the feast of All Saints. There’s a lot of research that’s been done on the origin of this holiday but I’ll save you the long version and just tell you: it was always our holiday.
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melody said...

I don't buy it. The Church already has a day when she focuses on the dead: All Souls' Day. Halloween is not a bonus death day in the liturgical year -- it is the vigil of the great feast of All Saints'.

The biggest problem with this article is that the author implies that because Halloween is somehow a great moment of catechesis on death. I disagree. I recently wrote about how our cultural Halloween is a failed catechesis on holy death here. Because I think our Catholic culture is missing the obvious and eternally important point: http://tinyurl.com/ny2jq8b

Mary De Voe said...

Halloween is God showing us the truth about the spiritual world, the metaphysical world of spiritual beings, in the reality of the present: angels and demons and lost souls, witches and warlocks and zombies and ghouls, and vampires and werewolves and fairies and saints. Halloween is a awake up call to holiness.

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