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Fr. Barron on Aquinas' Argument for God Through Motion

I was just going over these with my oldest daughter and found this new article by Fr. Barron interesting.

One of the unintended but happy consequences of the emergence of the new atheism is a renewed interest in the classical arguments for God’s existence. Eager to defend the faith that is so vigorously attacked today, Catholic apologists and evangelists have been recovering these rational demonstrations of the truth of God; and the atheists, just as eager to defend their position, have entered into the fray. In the process, these ancient arguments, long thought by many to be obsolete, have found a new relevance and have been brought to greater clarity through the give and take of both critics and advocates. Thomas Aquinas famously laid out five arguments for the existence of God, but he characterized one of them as “the first and more manifest way.” This is the proof from motion, which can be presented simply and schematically as follows. Things move. Since nothing moves itself, everything that is moved must be moved by another. If that which causes the motion is itself being moved, then it must be moved by another. This process cannot go on to infinity. Therefore, there must exist a first unmoved mover, which all people call God
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Mary De Voe said...

"Therefore, there must exist a first unmoved mover, which all people call God"
Therefore, there is a first unmoved Mover, Whom all people call God. An argument for a God based evolution, unless one is going somewhere with no somewhere.
God is three sovereign Persons. The Second Sovereign Person of the Trinity became a human being out of Love. Only sovereign persons may choose to love. Free will, exercised by man, is the image of God in all mankind, the adopted children of God.

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