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Sherry on Three Year Olds and the Big Red Scare

Funny stuff from Sherry:

Everyone knows about the Terrible Twos. Threes however, are a closely guarded state secret. If parents of children 1095 days or older knew of what lay in waiting, well....let's just say, it's something one has to grow into. Exhibit #1 Blacklisting Clifford Anna was being read a bedtime story by her older sister who is eight. The older sister read from the big book of Clifford the Big Red Dog series. I forget that three year olds are terribly self absorbed and literal. So when she heard about the little red puppy jumping through the cream puffs and destroying the pies and then the wedding cake, she got very upset. "Clifford is ruining my beautiful cupcakes." she said, and began to cry. The story was over, the moment lasted much longer. No amount of explaining, this wasn't real. Clifford wouldn't really do that, they aren't your cupcakes, could release America's favorite crimson hound from the emotional doghouse of my toddler's mind.
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