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Marquette Prof Remembers James Foley

A man for others.

In losing his life to radical Islamist rebels who are mounting a war in Syria and Iraq, James Foley was punished for daring to show the world the tragic underbelly of terrorism among the impoverished and the victims of intolerant religious extremists. Recalling how he was inspired by the Jesuit commitment to social justice while he was a student at Marquette University, Foley told an audience of Marquette students in 2011 he drew strength from the Jesuits during the 44 days he spent in a Libyan prison earlier that year. Foley also said he found great comfort in saying the rosary with his cellmate, a prisoner named Clare. Because he did not have rosary beads, Foley prayed the rosary on his knuckles; the first time he did this, it took him more than an hour. “I became a man of prayer,” he told a journalism class. Former classmates and faculty who heard him that day found him more reflective but still someone who enjoyed being around others.
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