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ALS Bucket Challenge is Modern Day Secular Baptism

You are now officially a good person.

Video after video it finally hit me: we've been baptizing each other en masse. Anyone with a social media account has seen what ice can do to a person's nervous system: the vital organs seem to seize, the breath panics for escape, and the words, no matter how incoherent, reveal what can only be described as an awakening. The ALS "ice bucket challenge" has become our new rite of social participation. But it's so much more. Mass public movements have many ancestors, including religious ones. This phenomenon is tapping into something deep in the human spirit, feeding on the desire to order our ethical and social lives by ritual. In a time when traditional religiosity may be losing its appeal and religious experience is becoming more diverse and pluralistic, we now see a practice that unites everyone, regardless of religious, political or socio-economic status.
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Mary De Voe said...

The Holy Trinity is a necessary participant in baptism

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