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G'Town Prof Compares Israel to ISIS

And then quickly removes tweet. No worries. Georgetown doesn't seem to care. Oh, and his Dad pled guilty to terror charges.

American universities are generally highly politicized and utterly compromised, but Georgetown University is among the worst. Not only does it employ this vicious Jew-hater, but it is also the home of the Saudi-funded Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, an energetic mill of Muslim victimhood propaganda, denial of the jihad threat, and defamation of foes of jihad terror that is run by John Esposito, an eager water-carrier for the Islamic supremacist agenda, and that counts among its staffers the thuggish and dull-witted attack dog Nathan Lean, who has published details of what he thinks are my whereabouts in a transparent attempt to intimidate me into silence and to endanger me and people around me, and devotes considerable energy to a Brownshirt-like effort to defame me to people who have invited me to speak, trying to get me canceled wherever he can.
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