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Sherry Handles the Situation Better than Me

How many children is too many?

Adolescence isn't easy, especially when you are trying to carve out your own identity and feel so utterly stamped by your family. I know the instant we show up somewhere, with the big van and the sheer numbers, (not to mention the loudness of some of our children who have not learned to curb their natural enthusiasm to draw less attention to our grant exiting of said vehicle), we've already driven our teens crazy. The older ones cope by appearing to be "responsible adults," grabbing the nearest cutest toddler and becoming their sole custodians for any outing we might take. It's the middle ones who struggle. They do not want the task of caring for a younger sibling, or the association with all the other younger siblings. Being part of a mob of children and unable to escape, my teens struggle to maintain their cool, and to look cool.
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