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Obama Administration Official: Hey, Maybe Berdahl's Platoon Are All Psychos

Wow. This is sickening.

You’ve got to read this to believe it all. Obama administration Brandon Friedman of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development public affairs office (and formerly an official at the Department of Veterans Affairs) took to Twitter to launch another attack trial balloon on the troops on the ground who’ve been blowing the whistle on Bowe Bergdahl’s abandonment of post.
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Fr William Bauer said...

As an undergrad I wrote on the Freudian defense mechanism of PROJECTION. The results boiled down to this: If you say everybody in the room but you is psycho and none of them see each other add psycho, but see you as psycho, It's YOU.

tuleesh said...

This person was infantry platoon leader in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Nice fellow: http://tinyurl.com/p72u7ya
Friedman's comments bring to mind another ex serviceman who maligned fellow service men. It's none other than the current SOT, John “Jenjis Ka-ahn” Kerry.

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