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Brandeis University Professor Mocks Catholic Church's 'Christ Exploitation'

Truth Revolt reports:

In an additional document obtained by TruthRevolt, Brandeis University professor of politics Donald Hindley mocked the Catholic church and what he sees as the Church's corrupting influence on society and the world.
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Catholic Mission said...

The Jewish Left, Brandeis University is expressing their traditional Talmud, Kabala view of Christ and support for the Left. It is the Left which supports evils like abortion, homosexuality, atheism, intimidation of the Church in Boston with anti Semitism and other laws.These evils which are pro-Satan.

With the support of the Jewish Left political power their professors are now permitted to teach at the Gregorian, Angelicum and other pontifical universities in Rome.

They even have a leftist center named after Pope John Paul II which teaches ecumenism,at the Angelicum, and which is a break with Vatican Council II (AG 7) and Catholic Tradition.

It is the left which is promoting evils in society through their media and other instituions.

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