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Pro-Abort Nutjob: Abortion is about "My Right to Life."

Newsbusters has the vid:

The Left hasn’t got tired of the “War on Women” theme from the 2012 election cycle, just yet. In a May 15 episode of “AcronymTv” a left-wing internet broadcast part of The Young Turks Network, entitled, “The Catholic War on Women” and featured on The Huffington Post, show host Dennis Trainor Jr. brought on two radical feminists to discuss how to “take back the morality of abortion from the right-wing.”
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Mary De Voe said...

The mother's life must be in imminent danger of death, right now, not maybe, nor later, but right now to exercise the just war theory to self-defense. To destroy another human being without sufficient cause is imposing the death penalty on an innocent person,like executing the wrong person.

priest's wife said...

'Abortion" (scrapping out a live baby, etc) is never needed to save the life of the mother- a premature delivery might be needed- either through normal delivery or a c-section if the mother is too sick...an ethical doctor will attempt to delay that delivery to increase the chances for both patients to survive. I was sick with our last child- she could have been delivered earlier, but we balanced the needs of both patients- praise God, she was delivered via c-section at 32 weeks (4 pounds)- she stayed in the NICU for 5 weeks (healthy but small), I was in the hospital for 11 days. Many times, especially with eclampsia the outcome is not so positive, but the intention is for both patients to receive care.

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