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My Sister is the Worst Parent...In Two Languages

This is funny. And it's the kind of funny I like; the kind where I can point at a sibling and mock them.

WE did it. The unthinkable. We decided to go to see Elmo Makes Music. There were a hundred reasons to say “No”: Our two year old son isn’t the biggest fan of “the Street” to begin with. We just had a new baby too – and our kids, like Pro Wrestlers, like to tag team their naps. Did we really want to sit in a theater with hundreds of preschoolers, getting yelled at by people in mascot costumes? Mary actually donned the red suit professionally for a brief while. The experience still brings out night sweats. So, of course. we said “Yes”. After all, it’s not like Thomas the Tank Engine is going to sing and dance.
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