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Cardinal Dolan's Dance Clubbers For Jesus

It's kinda' like coffee and donuts after Mass but pizza, beer, and dancing instead.

It seemed like another night at Sankeys NYC, a Midtown dance club: As Rihanna's music blared from speakers and lights pulsated overhead, bartenders beckoned with drink specials and black-shirted bouncers guarded doors. The only difference: all those church pamphlets positioned by the exits. The 200 or so mostly millennials in attendance on a recent Wednesday night were guests of the Archdiocese of New York, which had secured the venue and ponied up for dozens of pizzas. Partiers walked to the club after attending a Roman Catholic Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral, presided over by Cardinal Timothy Dolan. Some had been to confession, too. Church volunteers herded the flock down Fifth Avenue, making sure none strayed along the way. Some attendees got a head start, ducking out before Cardinal Dolan finished his post-Mass Q&A session. "You're given the choice between pizza and beer … and me?" he said with a hearty laugh after the event. "I know what I'd pick."
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wkndbeachcomber said...

Here's a thought on how to perform outreach to the young in New York: Give them something they cannot get anywhere else, not by a long shot. Try beautiful, reverent liturgy. Gregorian Chant. A study of the great Catholic art of the world and organize trips locally and internationally to go see them. A tour of the Romanesque, Gothic, and Baroque cathedrals in Europe. Pilgrimages to holy sites with knowledgeable speakers on the history of the site's patron saint. Instill in women a vision of being cherished and installed as a queen in a home made alive with children and love; stoke the flames in young men to be holy knights in protection of their wives and children and most of all Christ, like the knights of old.
Instead, they give them pizza and beer and drab music at the local club. Good luck with that.

Lawrence Hall, HSG said...

What, precisely, is a "millennial?" Why? How? Says who?

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