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It's Not Too Late for a Good Lent

Merry Catholic writes:

Well, here we are, over a month into Lent. Next Sunday is Palm Sunday, and soon it will be Easter and Lent will be over. So how are your Lenten sacrifices coming along? Are you still keeping up with them? This Lent did you give up TV and chocolate, and vow to go to Daily Mass at least twice each week? If you’re like me, despite the best of intentions back on Ash Wednesday, right about now you’re probably barely making it to Sunday Mass, and you spend each evening channel surfing with one hand while wolfing down M&Ms by the fistful with the other hand. If you’re like me, on at least three Fridays so far during Lent you were halfway through a double bacon burger for lunch when you suddenly said, “Oh no, today is Friday!” Then you vowed to make up for it by definitely abstaining from TV and chocolate for the rest of the day. But as you sat on the couch that the evening, bored and fidgety, the siren call of the clicker and the bag of M&Ms proved too powerful.
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