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Bombshell: New York not inspecting most abortion clinics

The back-alley is the norm.

Remember Kermit Gosnell? The main reason that the serial killer managed to elude detection for so long was that the state of Pennsylvania didn’t bother to inspect his facility for seventeen years, even though state law required it — and even though previous inspections showed significant causes for concern. The grand jury report specifically blamed politics in Pennsylvania for a lack of action. Had federal investigators not started probing Gosnell for his illegal trade in drugs, he’d still be cheerfully murdering babies that survived abortions and a few of their mothers, too.
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Proteios1 said...

A thought occurs. Has anyone considered the possiblity that the reason noone inspects abortion companies is because noone wants to go in those horrible places. Seems to me that all the talk about how 'normal' it is, is bought by noone. Its a sick and disgusting place. Im not making excuses. Im wondering why noone ever bothers and the mere thought is enough to turn a normal persons stomach. Maybe the inspectors have had one and refuse to return to the site of such an incident. I wonder. Seems like a very sad and disturbing place. Writing it off as just another procedure...noone buys that.

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