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Times Calls God a "She" for PC History Month

Newsbusters has the story. They're reporting on it mainly because nobody else reads Time Magazine.

All the major monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity, Islam – depict God as a “He.” From the beginning of the the Old Testament, God refers to Himself using masculine pronouns. But what’s 5,000 years of tradition and theological understanding against Women’s History Month, 2014? God, you see, is a she, according to a woman pastor TIME Magazine enlisted to write on religion in honor of the month-long PC hug-fest. The article “God’s Feminine Side” by the clearly theologically confused Pastor Debbie Blue, picks and chooses Bible verses with feminine language and analogies made to female animals to prove the point that God must have a feminine side. Blue calls it, “the divine him/her/it.”
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Mary De Voe said...

Jesus Christ called God "Our Father" and set a precedent that will not overturned by would be, wannabe,social directors.

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