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Shock Headline: Catholic Hospital Coerced a Woman to Abort

Badger Catholic has the very well researched story:

Hi Everyone, For those of you who don't know, Dr. Rose was my doctor for my most recent pregnancy. The care was so bad, that we suspected he was an abortionist. Dr. Carl Rose (who works at Mayo Clinic in Rochester and comes to La Crosse to work with OB/GYN patients), seemed very callous toward the life of our child. In late January, in an effort to find out the truth about the doctor, I called Mayo Clinic in Rochester and asked if Dr. Rose would provide an abortion. Surprisingly, the doctor's receptionist said that he would, and he has provided abortions. She said that he provides abortions up to 20 weeks plus 6 days and after some questioning she basically said that he will do it for any reason, according to the woman's wishes. This is the doctor who was supposed to take care of me and my baby during my difficult pregnancy!
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Anonymous said...

I certainly hope that your "shock" headline was a ploy to get people to read the story. The story is sad enough as it stands. It did not require a misleading headline. The woman who wrote the piece was not coerced to get an abortion. She is trying (rightly) to get our local Catholic hospital, which is affiliated with pro-abortion Mayo, to not allow an abortionist to practice in their clinic in his other job as a "high-risk pregnancy consultant". Get it right!

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