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Purdue Removes God from Plaque

Fox News reports:

Purdue University, which once defended the right of a private speaker to blaspheme Jesus, has banned an alumni donor from using the word “God” on a plaque because it might offend someone. Dr. Michael McCracken and his wife made a $12,500 pledge to the university’s school of mechanical engineering. In return, Purdue, a large public university in Indiana, offered the McCrackens the opportunity to name a small conference room in a lab building. They were also invited to supply language for a plaque that would be installed in the room.
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Mary De Voe said...

Only an infinite God can endow unalienable rights.
The atheist is tolerated. Atheism is unconstitutional: "or prohibit the free exercise thereof." Freedom of speech is the first to go after the exile of the person of God. Get you tuition back.

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