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Nobody is Born that Way, Gay Historians Say

Some historians are taking a big risk saying this.

Virtually no serious person disputes that in our society, people generally experience their gay or straight orientations as unchosen and unchangeable. But the LGBT community goes further, portraying itself as a naturally arising subset of every human population, with homosexuality being etched into some people’s DNA. Are gays indeed born that way? The question has immense political, social, and cultural repercussions. For example, some of the debate over applying the Constitution’s equal protection clause to gays and lesbians focuses on whether gayness is an inborn characteristic. And the major argument gays and lesbians have made for religious affirmation has been, “God made me this way.”
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Mary De Voe said...

“God made me this way.” So, abortion is an offense against God Who has given man existence. Same sex attraction may be inborn and the desire to offend God may be inborn but God gave man free will, intellect, a rational soul, and the grace to avoid committing same-sex sins. Acting out one's condition cannot be blamed on anyone but the individual who commits the act. Let Gay historians try to produce evidence to support their assumption and the assumption that God is responsible for any defect.

John said...

How does one inherit a trait from a group that, by definition, doesn't reproduce?

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