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Judge Won't Put Rapist in Jail Because He Might Get Hurt


The next time somebody tries to tell you that the American justice system treats people the same way regardless of income, laugh really hard and then refer the poor, stupid soul to the shenanigans of Jan Jurden, a superior court judge in Delaware. The discovery process in a related civil lawsuit has revealed that Jurden sentenced mega-rich du Pont heir Robert H. Richards IV to mere probation for the crime of raping his own 3-year-old daughter. In her bizarro court order, the lenient judge insisted that Richards “will not fare well” in prison. Thus, instead of a prison sentence, Richards the affluent rapist is happily getting psychological treatment, reports The News Journal.
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Mary De Voe said...

Every rapist ought to be hanged by his man-parts. Rape would become -1

tuleesh said...

Awwww. Le pauvre petit. He's only 6 feet 4, and weighs over 250 pounds. Of course he "will not fare well" against bwig, bwad Bubba in the slammer.

Seriously, his little girl [and according to their mother, her younger brother, too ] did not "fare well" at the hands of their monster father. The guy's face looks like canned ham with slits for eyes and a mouth!

Both Jurden and Richards IV will feel the weight of a millstone about their necks if they don't repair this horrible travesty of justice.

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