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‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ Sarah Drew: Portraying a Christian on TV, saving herself for marriage

I didn't even know this show was still on but this seems like a little good news. If you think about it, I think on mainstream television the number of churchgoing Christians is pretty darn low. I mean really low.

When Sarah Drew was asked to join the cast of “Grey’s Anatomy” as the Christian Dr. April Kepner, she wanted to make sure her religious character would be portrayed fairly and not as a “judgy Christian” often seen in television. “I think in the media, Christians are the butt of every joke or they are portrayed running around condemning everyone to hell,” Drew told FOX411. But when she joined the “Grey’s” cast, writer “Shonda [Rhimes] came to me and said you know a lot about this and to tell [April’s] story authentically, we need your input.’”
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