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U.N. Overreaches, Tramples Religious Freedom

Marco Rubio writes:

The United Nations issued a report today on its investigation into the unforgivable sex-abuse scandal that victimized children and undermined the many positive things the Catholic Church has stood for. It’s a reminder that we all have an obligation to protect the most vulnerable among us, especially our children. This obligation exists not because we are Americans, Catholics, or of any other nationality or faith. It exists because we are humans. Unfortunately, the U.N. also chose to use the opportunity to make political statements about Catholic doctrine on abortion, contraception, and marriage, issues at the core of the Church’s teachings about human rights and the dignity of life. In doing so, the U.N. — with the seemingly limitless worldwide injustices it could be condemning or investigating — trampled on the religious-freedom principles outlined in its Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
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Mary De Voe said...

"It is critical that we are able to ensure that American taxpayer dollars sent to the U.N. are actually advancing our national interests."
A good place to start would be to insist that the U.N. acknowledge the immortal rational soul of the human person. Now, the U.N. says that human rights are gotten from other people, but not from God. Thomas Jefferson said: The rights the state gives the state can take away. Any more power given to the U.N. would only increase their strength to remove any human rights people have under God.

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