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The Church Should Loosen its Standards

Fr. Barron says that if the Church lowers its standards when it comes to sexuality, why not lower them in other areas as well.

The Catholic Church is often criticized as rigorist, unrealistic, and unbending, especially in regard to its teaching on sexuality. How could anyone, we hear over and again, possibly live up to the Church's demands concerning masturbation, artificial contraception, or sex outside of marriage? Moreover, every poll that comes out suggests that increasing numbers of Catholics themselves don't subscribe to these moral demands. Few expect the Church to acquiesce to the moral laxity of the environing culture, but even many faithful Catholics think that it ought at least to soften its moral doctrine, adjust a bit to the times, become a tad more realistic. I wonder whether I might address these questions a bit obliquely, shifting the focus from the sexual arena into another area of moral concern.
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