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Judge Reduces Fines for Filthy Abortion Clinic from $36,000 to $77

And these are the people who say they care about women?

Thomas More Society attorneys along with Illinois Right to Life issued a women’s public health memorandum demanding the Illinois Attorney General’s office appeal Judge Alexander White’s decision to permit a $77 payment to satisfy the Illinois Department of Public Health’s $36,000 fine against Women’s Aid Clinic. According to the women’s public health memo, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) conducted its first health inspection in 15 years of Women’s Aid Clinic on September 9, 2011. Following the inspection, the IDPH shut down the women’s clinic on an emergency basis, assessing countless sanitary violations. Some of these violations included storing frozen tv dinners in the same biohazard refrigerator as eight containers of fetal tissue.
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Proteios1 said...

so PP and the abortion promoters have fallen behind the chemical industry in sacrificing safety for profit.

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