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Interview with Roma Downy and Mark Burnett on The Son of God

These two are on fire with their faith. It's nice to see. I hope the film does well.

I read the Bible from beginning to end when I was a freshman in college. I wasn't seeking any type of spiritual enlightenment or take the first step down a righteous path. No, I spent the better part of my first year of college reading the Good Book so that I would better understand and spot various religious references in films and literature. But the unexpected upshot of having a semi-literate knowledge of the Bible has been in watching stories from the Old and New Testaments get turned into movies and noticing what has been included and what has been taken out. When I saw that "Survivor" and "Sarah Palin's Alaska" executive producer Mark Burnett and his wife, actress Roma Downey ("Touched by an Angel"), were producing a 10-part miniseries amounting to the Bible's greatest hits, I was intrigued but not really moved to watch. I wasn't surprised to see that it actually beat out "The Walking Dead" in the ratings for the weeks when the two series went head to head. Because of the immense popularity of the miniseries, the makers revisited the five episodes that covered the life of Jesus and constructed a nearly 2.5-hour feature film called SON OF GOD, starring Portuguese-born actor Diogo Morgado as Jesus, as well as Downey as his mother, Mary (as an older woman).
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