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The great Austin Ruse writes:

Imagine the heartache of the cis-trans male who opens up Facebook and realizes there’s no gender category for him to choose from. It’s only male and female. This is just too outré for words. Doesn’t everyone know that gender is a social construct – that gender is malleable and may change from moment to moment? One could be five or six or seven of them before lunchtime and a few dozen more before climbing under the covers and turning into a butterfly, or whatever.
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Mary De Voe said...

A person's name is the best thing and the worst thing that may be said of him. A person is who he is: a human being with a human soul, rational, immortal.

Mary De Voe said...

Sex-changes change the human body but do not change the human soul. Sex changes impact the human soul by making it harder to discern the truth.

John F. Kennedy said...

Mary, a person's sex is determined at the cellular level. Part of the body being cut off doesn't change the remaining cells in the body. This is no different than losing a finger and declaring they are female. This is basic of biology. People confuse sex and gender. They are not the same thing. There are two sexes (excluding the .01% who have some genetic issue). In some languages there can be many genders. People, animal, things can all have genders. I’ve been told that Latin and German have quite a few. In English some things have a gender but no sex. It’s quite usual to refer to a ship has a her or she.

John F. Kennedy said...

"I am a meat popsickle." - Corbin Dallas


Mary De Voe said...

John F. Kennedy: The human being is composed of a human body and a rational, immortal human soul (animal souls die with the animal). The human soul is the form of the body. Whoever the soul is, the body will form to become that individual. The human soul determines the sex or gender of the individual at the conception of human life, when the individual is endowed with free will and intellect and inherits his human body. The person, Man, is an individual substance of a rational nature. In step with atheism which denies the human being a rational, immortal soul,and therefore can deny unalienable human rights to the person, sex changes and other manipulations of mankind are crimes against human nature.

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