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Bill Buckley: ‘Duel Between Christianity and Atheism is Most Important in the World’

Terence Jeffrey writes at CNS News:

There are Americans today, holding themselves up as conservatives, who argue that one can be both an atheist and a conservative. This is absurd. There is a God, He made us and all things, and His immutable moral laws apply to all men, in all nations, at all times. These fundamental truths--recognition of which is not confined to any particular religious denomination--were embraced by our Founding Fathers. A social and legal order consistent with these fundamental truths is at the very heart of what modern conservatives seek to conserve.
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Mary De Voe said...

Only an infinite God can give unalienable rights. Slavery is in the details.

Mary De Voe said...

The atheist is tolerated. Atheism is unconstitutional..."or prohibit the free exercise thereof" The atheist has confused himself with unalienable human rights.

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