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Belgian Pol Legalizes Euthanasia Asks "What's the Use of Keeping this Baby Alive?"

Use to whom? I wonder how he would answer that question.

Lawmakers in Belgium approved a measure last week that will allow doctors to euthanize children of all ages. As previously reported, the Belgian Senate overwhelmingly approved a child euthanization bill in December, sending it to the lower legislative house. On Thursday, the lower house voted 86-44 in favor of the measure, despite some international criticism. Belgium’s King Philippe is expected to sign the bill into law.
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Mary De Voe said...

"Once the new measure is enacted, terminally ill children will have the option to end their lives via lethal injection. As long as children understand what euthanasia is and have approval from parents and doctors, they will be free to choose assisted suicide." Children will not have informed consent to give until emancipated. Infanticide and destruction of the human being comes with the denial of the human being's rational, immortal human soul and the denial of unalienable human rights endowed by an infinite Creator. Atheism established and inflicted on a free person. The will of God determines life and death.

Carolyn said...

Which is it? Do the children decide if they want to die, or can the parent make that choice for them? In the example cited in the article, the mother with a 10-month-old baby wished she could have terminated her child's life earlier. That is not the child's choice!

Either the article is misconstruing facts, or something else is afoot.

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