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The Morality of the Cry-Room: In Defense of the Rights of the Diaper and Bib Crowd (and their parents)

Andrew Kim, professor of moral theology at Walsh University writes:

I remember going to see Mel Gibson’s 2004 film, The Passion of the Christ shortly after it came out. The theatre was packed, so I was flanked by strangers on both sides. On my right side sat a middle-aged woman who introduced herself to me before the film began. Her name was Janie. She spoke to me about her church and her daughter’s struggle with faith and so forth. On my left sat two elderly Latina women, a mother and her daughter. They spoke to each other in Spanish and did not seem to take much notice of the crowd. It was clear that they were eager for the film to begin.
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Philadelphia Catholic Outsider said...

It's an attack on the right of the "diaper and bib crowd" to a refuge. The guy who hates people who are judgmental knows and judges the silent thoughts of others. This guy belongs in the judgment room.

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