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Texas Removes Children from Parents Because they Homeschool

This. Is. Not. Good. We've been saying for a long time it could happen here. Well, it's happening here.

Texas home school families need to take note of this case. While the parents won, and should never have had their children taken, it is still an lesson in how the attitudes and beliefs of social workers can override the law. children removedIt seems to me that these judges and case workers need some kind of in-service training on home school laws. Mr. and Mrs. Tutt are a Christian family who has their own children and foster children. They home school. Unlike most couples, they are equipped to handle special needs children who are particularly difficult to place.
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Lawrence Hall, HSG said...

Stop believing, with breathless naivete, without any attempt at sourcing or critical thinking, anything that pops up on the 'net. Have you never served on a jury?

Don't go all Glenn Beck on us; we need you.

Anneg said...

Mack, since I used to know the laws in Texas about homeschooling, I looked this up. It is pretty much as described, though the best source by far is the Texas home School Coalition. They had their kids removed for no reason other than a CPS worker said anybody who spends all day with that many kids (7) should have her head examined. Wonder what the CPS person thinks of teachers.

Unknown said...

I wonder what brings the attorneys to start talking about state approved curriculum, documentation and testing when those things aren't even available in the State of Texas?

I think these are the first rumblings, the first insight into the over-reaching legal claims of Common Core.

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