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Sherry Warns Jen To Ready Herself for Adolscence

Jen ain't seen nuthin' yet.

When I first became pregnant with our first, I suddenly understood the joke my parents made about newbie parents. Facing what seemed like an intractable impossible unreasonable problem (toilet training, bedtime, meals), a problem that destroyed all confidence, all personal belief in one's capacity to parent, they'd say, "Welcome to the NFL" and laugh. Translation: You just got your first real hit. Now get back up and get out there. It's game time. Jennifer Fulwiler wrote a brilliant piece, 22 Things I learned in my first ten years of parenthood. I loved it, shared it and got to thinking. Jen has had six kids in ten years. But she's yet to discover the next big frontier of parenting, adolescence. So being a blogger type friend, I wanted to be a Yoda to a fellow mom of many about the more yet to come. Let me preface it with a big smile. "Welcome to the NFL."
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