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Santa Clara Hosts Laicized Priest Who Helped "Ordain" Women

Because nothing says "Catholic identity" like laicization.

The University of Santa Clara’s Markkula Center for Applied Ethics is scheduled to host laicized priest Roy Bourgeois later this month, according to the Jesuit university’s website. Former Maryknoll priest Roy Bourgeois was expelled from the Maryknoll order by a decree from the Vatican in 2012. Bourgeois had been active in the movement to get the Church to change her age-old doctrine on a male-only priesthood.
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Mary De Voe said...

This bunch of cock a mamy fools is prancing around in a coven by the fire trying to score one for the devil. Self-excommunicated former priest, Roy Bourgeois, has conjured the Holy Spirit to bless some foolish virgins’ penis envy. No catholic money ought to pay for voyeurs to salve their curiosity and wishful thinking into descending into the same bottomless pit of penis envy, the foolish escape from Catholic spiritual maturity, disseminated as holiness by heresiarchs since Lucifer.
When Our Lady said “Yes” to the Angel Gabriel, Mary said “yes” to her Son, Jesus Christ, being crucified and her heart being pierced by seven swords.
Former Father Ray is going to see to it that these foolish virgins are not going to suffer and find salvation through and with and in the crucified Christ, the only Son of God.

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