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Husband Who Removed Brain Dead Pregnant Wife from Life Support Named Baby


The husband of a pregnant Texas woman who was recently removed from life support upon court order has announced that he has named his unborn baby girl Nicole. Erick Munoz told reporters this week that he gave his 23-week-old daughter his wife’s middle name after he requested that the hospital conduct one final sonogram as he wished to learn the sex of the baby. “They think it was a female,” he told the Associated Press.
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tuleesh said...

Saw that. It was ghoulish.

Unknown said...

It is truly a shame. He could have waited a week or two and find out for sure that his baby was a girl when they performed the Caesarian. The little girl was not brain dead and should have been given a chance. Abnormalities seen on sonograms are not definite proof since it depends on how the baby is turned and positioned. Where's the autopsy?

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