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Depaul Prof Teaches Homosexuality, Downplays Pedophile Incident

Shocking news.

A professor at DePaul University in Chicago, who is currently teaching the course “Creating Change: Contemporary GLBT Politics” and helped pioneer DePaul’s Gender Studies and LGBTQ Studies programs, is something of a celebrity in pedophilia circles for her 1979 article downplaying the damaging effects of childhood homosexual activity with an adult.
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Mary De Voe said...

Elizabeth Kelly was sexually abused by her great aunt Addie. She was raped of her adolescence, her free will, her informed consent and her emancipation. Reading her testimony, the poor woman is still trying to define her own maturity.
“ It has always seemed to me that people know when sex is a right thing for them to be doing, when mutually consented to, regardless of who else may or may not share or understand that knowledge.”
A child of 8 or 11 years as Kelly was cannot “mutually consent” to anything without her parents, who holds her civil rights in trust for her until emancipation at 18 years of age.
“It took some hard object lessons before I finally learned how unusual such logic is in this world”
In this world “hard object lessons” such as this are tried in a court of law as crime.
“Despite the cultural messages to the contrary that I eventually did receive, I knew that it was possible for a person to be aware of her own physicalness in a sexual way long before the social timetable of “maturity” says she should be—and to be able to act on her awareness.”
Kelly’s social timetable of “”maturity”” has not delivered her of her unmitigated ignorance of the rights of other persons.
“And I know that now, with all my “grown-up” being. Although for several years I succumbed to social sanctions against lesbian and childhood sexuality, and felt ashamed for having had such experiences, I have come to realize the need to affirm them as part of the rich texture of both human experience in general and my own conscious reality in particular.”
Having been denied her ““grown-up”” being, a victim of abuse, feeling ashamed and guilty, It sounds like Kelly is a classic example of post traumatic syndrome. Kelly turns the rage against herself and succumbs to the crime as a benefit. “Gee, they liked me enough to rape me.”

“ In her article, Kelly reportedly defended her lesbian, pedophile experience when she was between eight and 11 years old, as cited by David Thorstad in the 1991 book Male Intergenerational Intimacy:
It is still called child rape.
“ David Thorstad, reportedly is “a founding member of the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) and former president of New York’s Gay Activists Alliance”
On a spiritual level, seducing a minor child to have sexual relations with an adult is denying her rational, immortal human soul, her free will, her informed consent , her maturity, her emancipation, all of her civil rights, and God’s love for the person. This needs not be preached in a Catholic community.
After Beth Kelly finds herself, she might try to help Father of Lies Dennis Holtschneider.

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