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Awesome. My Daughter's Engagement Ring


As of last night, my eldest daughter is wearing an engagement ring. For the record, her father and I are delighted to see her wearing it. Isn't it pretty? 17 years old and a freshman in college, she's no longer only having to deal with boys who are interested in her....she's now dealing with men...and it's frustrating her. The male friends she hangs out with and the sweet boys from church and our homeschool group are nothing compared to the aggressiveness of the men in her college classes. She's a gorgeous girl with a witty sense of humor who loves to talk to people. Unfortunately, that chatty friendliness is being mistaken as romantic interest, and she's sick of it. After dealing with a particularly obnoxious string of calls and text messages all weekend from one of her classmates, she expressed her frustration that this 20-year-old man would not understand that she had no intention of dating him. Ever.
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