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Teen who killed four people in drunk-driving accident gets probation due to … “affluenza”

I almost can't believe this is true. Sadly, it is.

I saw something about “affluenza” on Twitter yesterday and ignored it, assuming it was a portmanteau coined by Salon or Slate for an article about income inequality that the left had collectively decided was clever. Today I googled it and realized why people are talking about it. Friendly advice: If you’re planning on drinking tonight, go ahead and start before you watch the clips. Trust me.
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Sophia's Favorite said...

So being a spoiled brat is a legally-recognized mental illness? Wow. That's like one of those Japanese "self-serving rationalization" jokes (e.g., "People can only be basement-dwelling unemployed adults in a wealthy society—we're a status symbol!"), only it's not a joke.

Also, what's really sad, is that's not even the actual definition of "affluenza". It was always ideological jargon that made anyone who used it just a bit more punchable, of course, but it was originally a critique of consumerism, it had nothing to do with childrearing at all.

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