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Spain Moves to Restrict Abortion

Good news from Europe. Heh. I never get to say that anymore.

For anti-abortion activists, it has been an historic day for Spain. They are delighted that the government wants to change the law back to what it was in 1985, making it much harder for women to terminate unwanted pregnancies. New legislation proposed by the ruling conservative People’s Party would see abortions allowed only for victims of rape or where there is a risk to the mother-to-be’s physical or psychological health.
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Mary De Voe said...

The sovereign person's will to live is the state's right to life. Growth is the sign of life within the womb. What is not alive does not grow making abortion unnecessary. Abortion is a war against God and God's holy souls. Atheism rejects the human soul redefining the human being.The state through the courts has not the authentic authority to redefine the human being as having no soul, no rational, immortal human soul.

Anneg said...

This gives me hope for Spain. You can undo what wrong has been done, if you are willing to repent and take action. Maybe there is hope for us, too.

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