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Planned Parenthood Official: Birth Control Doesn't Reduce Unintended Pregnancies

Duh! So is Planned Parenthood ready to say the Church was right? Yeah, probably not.

The Plan B birth control pill is supposed to be a panacea for lowering the number of abortions and unplanned pregnancies — so much so that the Obamacare health care law forces religious companies and organizations to pay for such birth control in their employee health insurance plans. But a Planned Parenthood official is admitting that the Plan B drug Sandra Fluke worked so hard to force Americans to pay for is not getting the results the abortion business promised. NPR interviewed one of the top officials at the nation’s biggest abortion corporation: “While there’s a lot of data to show it can prevent pregnancy in individual women, we’ve all been disappointed that on the population level, it just hasn’t had the effect we hoped,” said Dr. Deborah Nucatola, senior director of medical services at the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. “The unintended pregnancy rate hasn’t changed at all.”
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Mary De Voe said...

Why would anyone believe a bunch of manipulators who would abort you even if you were not pregnant, except to abort you even after Plan B?

Sharon said...

This PP woman makes me furious. Hasn't reduced the unintended pregnancy rate? Maybe because they are giving young (and foolish) young women a false sense of security - have that hook-up, allow yourself to be used by that guy, and just take Plan B instead of taking real care of yourself. But what happens if you don't get your hands on Plan B fast enough? For that matter, what really happens to your body when you take it once? What happens when you take it repeatedly? This PP rep either cares nothing for women's health or is seriously deluded in thinking she is helping.

Redtabby said...

Sharon sounds spot on to me; otherwise, I am speechless, absolutely speechless.

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