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Obama Lied to Notre Dame, Cardinal Dolan, and Probably the Pope

Ashley McGuire writes at CNN:

It was the 2013 Politifact "Lie of the Year," our president's now infamous line: "If you like your health care plan, you can keep it." Now all Americans are realizing what Catholics have known from the beginning: President Barack Obama is a master of deception. Lest people forget, passage of the Affordable Care Act happened in part because Obama struck a deal with a single Catholic holdout: Bart Stupak, D-Michigan. Stupak agreed to vote for the bill in exchange for an executive order protecting conscience rights and preserving the Hyde Amendment's ban on the use of federal funds for abortion. Stupak had insisted on an amendment. Instead, he took the President's word.
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Proteios1 said...

Hold on. Let me feign surprise that Obama is a liar, hypocrit and deceptive sleezebag. I have left the Democratic Party simply due to the self contradictory mindset that is apparent if one only thinks through their agenda. I suspect this is why they have turned their back on rational logical thinking...as have both parties.

Mary De Voe said...

The HHS Mandate was added AFTER Congress passed the Affordable Healthcare Act, meaning that the voice of the people were denied informed consent. How criminal is that? If Obama likes it, why does Obama not have it? Well, Obama fooled me twice now, it is time to get rid of Obama.

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