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Let Catholic Hospitals Be Catholic

The ACLU suit is not frivolous. It's a serious attempt to erase religious liberty.

At first glance, the recently filed ACLU lawsuit against the United State Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) looks more like a publicity stunt than a legitimate lawsuit. The suit was filed in a federal district court in Michigan and arises out of the alleged negligent management of a miscarriage suffered by the plaintiff when she was 18 weeks pregnant. The complaint alleges that the plaintiff came to the emergency room of Mercy Health Partners (MHP), a Catholic hospital and the only hospital within 30 miles of her home, on three occasions after her water broke and she experienced bleeding and painful contractions. It is claimed that instead of being admitted to the hospital, the plaintiff was sent home from the hospital despite the fact that her treating physician suspected she had chorioamnionitis, a serious bacterial infection. It is also alleged that she was not informed that it was unlikely her baby would survive and that abortion was an appropriate treatment option. All of this sounds like it could be the basis for a traditional malpractice action against the treating physician and the hospital. But the hospital and the physician aren’t named as parties in this action. Instead the only defendants are the USCCB, and current and former officials of Catholic Health Ministries (CHM), a public juridic person organized under Canon law that sponsors Trinity Health, the owner of MHP. Thus instead of a conventional malpractice action, this lawsuit is a broadside attack on religious liberty.
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Mary De Voe said...

This lawsuit, like the HHS Mandate, violates the First Amendment: "...or prohibit the free exercise thereof." Trust in God and petition for Divine Providence are not in the atheist's vocabulary, but they are in our Founding principles and in our Founding Fathers' Declaration of Independence. The atheist must be tolerated, but the atheist must not be allowed to inflict his non- belief in man's soul on the law through the courts..

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