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I Found the "I" in Team

Jamie, the very worst missionary, writes.

Everybody's heard that saying, right? “There is no 'i' in team” Well, it's true. It's literally spelled t-e-a-m. ….Soooo... there's no 'i'. Obviously. But the heart of that expression is that a team must work together and the success of the team isn't dependent on the work of any one individual. When a team wins or loses it counts for or against every team member, no matter how well they played. There's no “i” in team. Nobody knows that better than I do. It just so happens, I am the worst soccer player ever to strap on cleats and shin guards (to pick daisies and make shadow puppets on a field in the middle of a game).
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Robert Simms said...

When I read, "I found the A in Team", I thought they meant this.

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