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Hey, Why Don't Catholic Talk About Jesus When Discussing Abortion?

A theologian responds:

As I flew from New Orleans to Pittsburgh this week, I was reflecting on my past airline travel experiences and recalled a particular incident that seems perfectly suited to this time of Advent longing for the coming of Jesus. Here are some of the fragments of my wandering thoughts. Faith and Reason at 35,000 Feet Years ago I had a gentleman from Brooklyn, who was sitting next to me during a flight, ask me what I do for a living. Usually when I tell people I’m a Catholic theologian, or that I teach religion in a Catholic institution, one of two things happen. Either they will get an awkward look on their face, ask me some superficial question about my job, say something vaguely relevant about religion or Catholicism and then withdraw into their magazine never to speak again or they will unload their entire life story. But in this case, my Brooklyn neighbor skipped over the awkward niceties and asked me point-blank why, as a Catholic theologian, I believed that abortion was wrong.
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