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Father Freaks at Christian School Quiz Which Says Gravity Designed by God

Wait until he hears that he was created by God too.

A debate has ensued online after a Florida man expressed his outrage over his daughter’s recent science quiz, which asserted that gravity ‘was designed by our God.’ The man, who uploaded a photo of the quiz to Reddit, declined to provide the name of the school for privacy reasons, but contended that the photo was indeed real. He said that his daughter attends a private Christian school because he and his wife believe that the public schools in their area are substandard. He stated that he does not mind the she is being taught about God, but became angry when he saw the content of her recent science quiz. “My daughter (3rd Grade) has been at this school since kindergarten and things have been going well. Most doctrinal issues were handled delicately without fundamentalism and allowed parents the option to discuss differences of opinion with their children,” he wrote. “This week she brings this monstrosity home. I am livid!”
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Mary De Voe said...

Does the father believe that gravity is designed by someone less than God? And WHO? God is outside of time. Not a billion years is the beginning of eternity. Our contemporaries are not versed in the character of God or the Person of God or the Sovereignty of God. we are in serious trouble.

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