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Church Could Learn Something From Phil

Coarse or no, he says it like it is.

Wake up Catholic Church, there is a lesson you could learn here.

Duck Dynasty’s patriarch Phil Robertson isn’t a man to waste words, he says it like is and stands by his faith and he uses Sacred Scripture to back up what he professes as his faith. How many Catholic clergy and religious do the same?

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Lawrence Hall, HSG said...

After 2,000 years of Catholic civilization in all the arts and sciences, a fellow who wears a costume and who profiteers from laborers in a totalitarian country is going to teach the Church what?

John B said...

Because of the unchanging fallen nature of man, forgiveness in the absence of repentance gives license. Mercy in the absence of contrition gives approval.

Instead of our typical Bishop Institutionally Timid in the Chancery and Father Fluffy Feelgood in the Parish there should be more of the following:

".....Saints in the making… our clergy need to grow backbones and speak the TRUTH and the Word of God. Go make some noise about the wrongs of sexual sins and the need to repent and keep from falling into sexual sin AND TO REFUSE TO SUPPORT SEXUAL SIN. Romans 1 is very clear that IF you support a sin, you are GUILTY of that sin even if you don’t commit that sin."

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