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Vatican spokesman says no plans for women cardinals -- but not impossible, either

Liberal hearts aflutter:

The Holy See yesterday dismissed as “nonsense” weekend Irish media reports that Pope Francis might nominate two Irish women as cardinals. Responding to reports in Irish and Irish-American media that Pope Francis might name both TCD ecumenics Prof Linda Hogan and former president Mary McAleese as cardinals at a future conclave, senior Vatican spokesman Fr Federico Lombardi said:
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Gaetanus said...

"Words have consequences", says the poster on Rorate Caeli ominously, as if the statement from Fr. Lombardi was poorly worded and so encourages misunderstanding.

I don't see how Fr. Lombardi could have spoken more clearly: having female cardinals is in fact not theoretically impossible as you need not be ordained, theoretically, to be a cardinal. But there is no interest in the Vatican for making this move, and I think the fact that Fr. Lombardi used words such as "nonsense" and "absurdity" to describe this rumor seems pretty clear to me.

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