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The Truth about Galileo

I wonder how many people believe that Galileo was tortured or even executed by the Catholic Church? I'd bet a lot. Here's the truth:

Galileo Galilei has been disinterred, times without number, by the opponents of papal infallibility, and made to pronounce judgment against all such pretended claims. He has been portrayed as a martyr championing the cause of science against the Vatican obscurantists, as one tortured by the Inquisition, cast out of the Church's pale, and refused Christian burial. For these and other mythical reasons we Catholics are expected to feel nervously uneasy when the name of Galileo is mentioned — much as though a skeleton was in danger of being dragged from the cupboard to cast a shadow upon our good name.
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Michael said...

The same number that believe Luther boldly hammered the 95 theses into onto the door of some "cathedral" in Wittenberg (actually, Castle Church, as the myth goes).

Sophia's Favorite said...

Luther boldly hammering the theses is just an image, it doesn't fundamentally distort the point of what happened.

Saying that Galileo was killed or tortured, when he was handled with kid gloves, completely distorts the point.

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