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Study: Christians Don't Care about the Environment

Which actually means that Christians don't worship Gaia or believe that man is a stain on the Earth that needs to be eradicated:

A recent Michigan State University-led study suggests the so-called “greening of Christianity” over the last two decades has failed to prompt average Christians to care about or try and help the environment. The study also contends Christians care less about the environment than atheists and people of other beliefs. “There is very little evidence to support the idea that rank-and-file Christians are as green as non-Christians or nonreligious individuals, approximately two decades into the supposed greening of Christianity trend,” the study states. “In fact, these results are consistent with the finding of earlier studies that Christian identity, beliefs, and behaviors are negatively related to environmental concern.”
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Proteios1 said...

Yaaaaawn. Ok, sure. Ironically, every hunter I know is very pro environment. I'd submit that to the MSU researchers, but their heads might explode.

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