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San Fran Pol Disses the Batkid

Holy cow. What a jerk. And San Fran voted for this clown.

This story actually took place a couple of days ago, but since I missed it at the time I figured it was worth a quick look in case any of you had also. I’m sure you remember the story of Miles Scott, the five year old leukemia survivor who got to be Batkid for a day, as San Francisco transformed itself into Gotham while Miles saved everyone from various nefarious villains. Pretty much the entire country was swept up in the story, and even a die-hard old cynic like yours truly couldn’t avoid a bit of tearing up (no doubt from the high pollen count that day). It was a darned near perfect story. So how could anyone have a problem with it? Enter San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar. As the rest of the city came out in droves to cheer Miles on to victory for the good guys, Mar was busy taking to his Twitter account.
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RobC said...

How many kids could have been fed on what he probably spent to get elected?

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