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Polish "Artist" gets naked and rubs against Crucifix

I don't think "art" means what he thinks it means:

I was horrified by a recent “art” article to be delivered to my email. I debated even mentioning it, but have decided I HAVE to, so that we can all PRAY to God for mercy, forgiveness and repentance on behalf of the truly sick and demonic people who are doing these terrible things. While this story will no doubt sicken you, please pray for this “artist” and those like him. He is truly in the clutches of the demonic. Polish priest, Father Tadeusz Rydzyk has filed a complaint against the “Ministry of Culture” (in Poland) after discovering an “art exhibit” where “artist” Jacek Markiewicz gets naked and rubs his body against a crucifix and licks the body of Christ.
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