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Obama Administration Snubs Catholic Church With Vatican Embassy Downgrade

Shocking, right?

The Obama administration has offended the Catholic Church before by putting in place ambassadors who support abortion and flout the pro-life teachings of the Catholic Church. Now, President Barack Obama is taking this further and launching what could be the first step in pushing the United Nations to remove the Holy See’s official status at the UN. The Obama administration has decided that the free-standing American embassy to the Holy See will soon be closed, and the offices for the Ambassador to the Vatican will be moved inside of the U.S. Italian Embassy. The State Department claims the decision is a result of security reviews that followed the attacks on the American embassy in Benghazi last year. Their review claims the current U.S. Embassy to the Holy See is no longer safe.
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D said...

Obama supporters do have a counter argument in 'separation of church and state'. 'This will save taxpayer dollars'. However, the Catholic Church has united a good portion of Europe, more or less, for 2,000 years. The Catholic Church is the original European Union. Pagan Europeans were much more violent before the church. Cultural learning and scientific progress took place mostly within the church. Popular interpretations like to focus on Copernicus and Gallileo as rebels against the Church. This is, however, a reductionist argument. Neither man ever denounced the Church itself. My point is that the Church is misunderstood and portrayed poorly by the media and learning institutions.

Mary De Voe said...

Wait until you see the non-religious Christmas postage stamps. There is Kwanzaa, Chanukka and something that looks like a gingerbread house but no Christmas. Obama has got to go. How does one protest not having been given something beautiful?

Mary De Voe said...

"Obama supporters do have a counter argument in 'separation of church and state". How does the United States justify ordering the United Nations around?

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