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Novus Horror Missae: The Downside of VIP Masses

The Eponymous Flower reports:

(Rome) Horror Mass.: If the real thing is not understood and therefore "boring", it will have to be helped by special individual and creative design. The actress, dancer and former porn actress Carmen Russo (54) was on the 19th of October at the parish church of San Lorenzo in Formello, Rome, to baptize their daughter Maria. The Baptism was celebrated by Don Santino Spartà, the "pastor" of the VIP scene. The baptism was for show, including a dance performance by Carmen Russo with her husband at the altar. Don Santino was dressed with his clerics, and only a white floor length surplice through which street pants showed and a floor length stole. No chasuble.
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Lawrence Hall, HSG said...

We suffer celebrity Masses in this country too, for what else is a Red Mass? Is there a specialty Mass for fast-food workers? The homeless? Pipefitters?

Jason said...

My diocese has endless "heritage" Masses for all the immigrants here. The diocesan newspaper always has photos of lectors in the traditional clothes of their nation and the liturgy is in two or more contemporary languages. Since the liturgy is the proper place to do all of this...not!

Anonymous said...

If it was just a Baptism without Mass (I can't tell since the link to read more isn't working) then a chasuble would be inappropriate.

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